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1.  Which country was previously called the ' United Colonies ' ?

2.  What connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea ?

3.  Even though H. M. Stanley did not find the source of the river Nile, he found another river
    which he followed to the mouth. Name this African River ?

4.  Geographically, what connects Easter, Christmas, North and South ?

5.  The U. S. calls this tourist attraction the Niagara Falls. What do the Canadians call it ?

6.  Which tourist attraction runs from Anchor Cay Island to Lady Eliot Island for 1250 miles ?

7.  The city of Budapest comprises two towns joined by a bridge. Name the two towns.

8.  Which island was named by Eric the Red to trick settlers into thinking it had a warm and temperate climate ? 

9.  Ceylon is the former name of which country ? 

10. What is arguably the oldest piece of agricultural machinery in the world ?


1.  The United States of America
2.  The Suez Canal
3.  The Congo
4.  They are all names of islands
5.  The Horse-Shoe Falls
6.  The Great Barrier Reef
7.  Buda And Pest
8.  Greenland
9.  Sri Lanka
10.The Plough

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