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1.  What vowels are there on the bottom of a typewriter ?

2.  In telecommunication, what name is uttered to confirm that a message has been
    understood ?

3.  Which four letters were written on the helmet of the first spaceman ?

4.  What is the world's most popular hobby ?

5.  Which sign of the Zodiac has a water bearer as its symbol ?

6.  By what name is the sinister organization 'Cosa Nostra' better known ?

7.  In a theatre, what name is given to the room where actors wait to change their
     clothes ?

8.  Which social organization is named after after a king and his group of knights who
     lived in a palace at Camelot ?

9.  In an airport what is the name given to the strip of land where planes take off
    and land ?

10. Besides being islands off the coast of Florida, what are Bermudas ? 


1.  There are no vowels on the bottom row
2.  Roger
3.  C C C P
4.  Stamp Collecting
5.  Aquarius
6.  The Mafia
7.  Green Room
8.  Round Table
9.  A runway
10. Pants reaching the knees


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