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  THE TOUGH ONE .. science

1.  Who was responsible for the theory that repression of sexual desires is the cause of neuroses ?

2.  Name the series of computers used by the British to break the German's Enigma code during
    World War II.

3.  One of the Enigma code-breakers was scared that the Germans would invade the UK, so he
   converted all his assets to silver bars and buried them behind Bletchley Park. After the
   war, the man, who was responsible for the hardware designs of the Colossus and the
   decoding methods used, forgot the location and never saw his fortune again. Who was he?

4.  This one-time disciple of Freud coined the term "complex" to describe a cluster of associated
     ideas and emotions buried in the unconscious mind. Name him?

5.  After both the 2001: A Space Odyssey movie and novel became hits, fans floated a curious
     rumour about HAL, that famous artificial intelligence character. They claimed that HAL was,
     Arthur C. Clarke's way of being a step ahead of the IBM supercomputers.
     How? (You can work this out).

6.  Connect the following: SHRDLU, STUDENT, SIR and PROLOGUE?

7.  In the early 20s, a Czech playwright called Karel Kapek introduced a term in one of his. The
     word soon became synonymous with Al. What was the term?  

8.   This mental disorder was known as dementia praecox in early 20th century. By what name
      do we know it now?

9.  This book was finished in September 1897 and published a few years later. The author was
     paid only $209 for his efforts. After its publication, only 600 copies were sold in eight years, yet
     it became a landmark. Name the book.

10.  During the first Consciousness conference in Tucson, Arizona in 1994, an anesthesiologist came
      up with perhaps the oddest theory of consciousness. He claimed that the "reason we are  
      conscious is to stop us from choking to death on our food." Name the theorist.


1.  Sigmund Freud 
2.  The Colossus series
3.  Alan Turing
4.  Carl G. Jung
5.  Every alphabet in HAL's name precedes those in IBM. H comes before I and so on. According
    to Clarke, HAL stands for Heuristic Algorithm. 
6.  All of them are vintage Al programmes.
7.  Robot. The play was RUR: Rossum's Universal Robots.
8.  Schizophrenia.
9.  Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud.
10. Raymond Fink.