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1.  In 1963 who became the first woman chief minister of a state in independent India ?

2.  Which Indian state is the home of the folk theatre form 'Tamasha' ?

3.   Which Indian state is surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh ?

4.  What is the Indian Gazelle commonly known as ?

5.  Who was the only Indian Prime Minister not to have addressed the nation from
     the Red Fort on Independence Day ?

6.  In which city of India was the manufacture of diesel locomotives begun in 1963  ?

7.  Which Indian has written the novels Swami and Friends and The Guide ?


1.  Sucheta Kriplani
2.  Maharashtra
3.  Tripura
4.  Chinkara
5.  Chandra Shekhar
6.  Varanasi
7.  R. K. Narayan