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  THE EXPERT QUIZ  |so you thought you know all|

1.  What is the lowest string in violin called?

2.  Which is considered the most successful poem of all time?

3.  The Chinese call it a little mouse, Danes and Swedes an elephant's trunk, Germans a spider
     monkey, Italians a snail, Israelis pronounce it strudels and the Czechs say "rollmops". What is it?

4.  Which literary personality invented the words extraterrestrial and atomic bomb (30 years before its 

5.  Which Internet technology developed at UC Berkeley is named after the mythological spider of the
      Plains Indians?

6.  In a mock trial held in Washington DC, three US Supreme court judges unanimously made a ruling. The
      same   ruling was passed a year later in a mock trial in England by three Law Lords (British
     equivalent of the supreme court judges). This trial attempted to settle the decision on one of the most
      waxing literary questions of the last millennium. What was the judgement passed?

7.  What would you call the shortest distance between any two points on a spherical surface -
     such as the Earth?

8.  Who was the most famous member of the music group which calls themselves "Ugly Rumours"?

9.  Who was paid $50 in 1960 for playing the harmonica on the Harry Belafonte
     album "Midnight Special"?

10. Which empire was founded by Dido, grand-niece of the Biblical Jezebel?


1.  G-string
2.  IF by Rudyard Kipling
3.  The @ sign
4.  H. G. Wells
5.  Inktomi
6.  William Shakesperae was the writer of the plays of William Shakespeare.
7.  Geodesic
8.  Tony Blair
9.  Bob Dylan
10. Carthage


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