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 1.  What is common to Milk Snatcher, Hilda, Snobby Roberts and the Witch  of Finchley ?

2.  What is common to flint, dent, sweet, pop, waxy, soft and pod ?

3.  What habit links Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte and C.N. Annadurai ?

4.  With relation to comics, what is common to Daniel El Travieso, Henkey Het Huisengevor and Ville Vallantion ?

5.  What connects diplomats Kurt Waldheim, Perez de Cuellar, U Thant and Boutros Boutros Ghali ?

6.  Foreman, longman, lechman, littleman and thuma are usually found together. What are they ?

7.  Name a colour that shares its name with a fruit, a river a province in South Africa ?

8.  Which planet shares its name with an India cassette company, a female tennis player and the goddess of love in Roman Mythology ? 

9.  Apart from being nursery rhymes what is common to ' Five Little Pigs ', ' Hickory Dickory Dock ', One, Two, Buckle My Shoe ' ?  

10.  What flower is common to: tiger, water, Madonna and Easter ?




1.All nicknames of Margret Thatcher.

2. All varieties of maize.

3. They are all known users of snuff.

4. All names of Dennis the Menace.

5. They have all been Secretary Generals of the UN.

6.They are the old names for our fingers.

7. Orange.

8. Venus.

9. They are all names of novels written by Agatha Christie.

10. They are all types of lilies.


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