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1.  By what other name was the book Ten Little Indians, written by Agatha Christie
     published ?

2.  In which book written in 1927, do we meet Achille Poirot, Hercule Poirot's brother?

3.  In which novel does Miss Marple make her first appearance ?

4.  Which is the only Christie novel that ends in a question mark ?

5.  What is common to the novels The Burden, Absent In The Spring, Unfinished Portrait
     and Giant's Bread ?

6.  In 1928, which was the first British film to be made from a work by Christie ?

7.  Which detective pair made their first appearance in the in The Secret Adversary
     written in 1922 ?


1.  And Then There Were None
2.  The Man In The Brown Suit
3.  Murder At The Vicarage
4.  Why Didn't They Ask Evans ?
5.  They were all novels written under the nom de plume of 'Mary Westmacott'
6.  The Mysterious Mr. Quinn
7.  Tommy and Tuppence Beresford